DECIDE to Succeed

February 04, 2016 9:35 PM | Katie Krimitsos (Administrator)

To Decide: to make a final choice or judgement about.

Tony Robbins has this great metaphor for "deciding."  He said it's cutting loose the ropes of the boat that you've used to get you to the island. Meaning, you DECIDE that you're going to stay on the island and by cutting the ropes and letting the boats float away, you know you have no other choice but to make it work.

Being an entrepreneur means that you must become comfortable with deciding.  And most definitely, you have to believe that there is no Plan B.  


Perhaps it's time to let go of the person you know isn't a perfect fit for your team.  Maybe it's finally raising the capital you need to move your business forward.  Maybe it's closing down one part of your business so you can fully concentrate on your core competency.  Maybe it's DECIDING to leave your comfortable job that's been paying your bills so you can finally work on your business full time.


And ACTION creates RESULTS.  

I got used to making big decisions early in my life.  At the age of 18, I was in my first semester of college and realized I missed playing softball.  A passionate athlete, softball had been the sport I thrived in the most.  So, I tried out for my university team.  I didn't make the cut.  But I really wanted to play!  So, I tried out for the community college team that was near me and made that team.  The great news was overshadowed by a looming order to play for the community college, I needed to be a full time student there.  But in order to have the time to be a full time student there, I would need to drop to a part-time student at the university I was attending.  The university that gave me a full ride scholarship that I would no longer be eligible for if I dropped to a part-time student.  

What did I do?  I followed my passion.  I dropped my academic scholarship and played softball.  

My ability to make hard decisions sharpened as I got older, so when the time came to make the decision on whether to quit my comfortable job so I could go after my entrepreneurial dreams full time, I didn't hesitate.  

And now, as a new mompreneur, tough decisions are a daily part of my life.  Do I put her in daycare so I can work on my businesses?  Do I completely change the direction of my company?  Do I continue to tell myself that everything I want to do is possible?  Or do I admit that I actually can't do it all?  Do I make the time for my health so I can be an energetic mom, wife and business woman?  Where do I put my time on any given day?  

Though most business owners would say that they have an idea of where they want to go when making decisions, the reality is that they rarely end up where they thought they would.  As a matter of fact, savvy entrepreneurs know and embrace the fact that the period after the decision is quite hazy and open for a lot of change.  

And that's what makes this journey so dang fun (assuming you learn how to manage the stress well)!

Being a great entrepreneur means you must be a good decision maker.  That doesn't mean you make all the right decisions all the time.  It means you cut the ropes and figure out how to survive on the island.  You may discover that the island is barren and will now have to build a new boat.  But, maybe...just maybe, you'll discover something new and fresh on the island that you LOVE doing and brings value to others.  

So go ahead.  DECIDE to be successful.  Once you do, there's no going back.  

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